Azure Back to School 2020

This will be the location to find content for #AzureBacktoSchool. Content will be posted every day in September 2020 starting on the first. The event will conclude with a wrap up video on October 1, 2020.

Content is a mix of blog articles and/or videos that are provided by the contributors in the list below. Hyperlinks to each topic’s content will be updated each day. Contributors are also asked to post their contribution on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn, at minimum) with the link to this page ( and the hashtag #AzureBacktoSchool.

Enjoy and see you back here on September 1, 2020! #AzureFamily

1-Sep-2020Welcome to Azure Back-to-SchoolDwayne Natwick
2-Sep-2020Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)Richard Hooper
3-Sep-2020Azure Certification PrepGregor Suttie
4-Sep-2020Migration Journey from on-premises to AzureSarah Lean
7-Sep-2020Azure Hybrid including Hybrid Identity, Hybrid Device and Hybrid ExchangeShabaz Darr
8-Sep-2020Azure MonitorVaibhav Gujral
9-Sep-2020Azure Maps + XamarinLuis Beltran
10-Sep-2020Azure Backup on Azure resourcesWim Matthyssen
11-Sep-2020AKS Advanced Security: Private Clusters and Azure Policy for AKSAdil Touati
14-Sep-2020Azure DevOps for Serverless PowerShellVukasin Terzic
15-Sep-2020On-premise serverless app via Kubernetes and KEDAStas Lebedenko
16-Sep-2020Azure AZ-900 and AZ-104 exam preparation topicsNick Colyer
17-Sep-2020Peter De Tender
18-Sep-2020Karel De Winter
21-Sep-2020Azure SentinelEd Baker
22-Sep-2020Thomas Thornton
23-Sep-2020Alan Kinane
24-Sep-2020Azure Functions with Visual StudioJurgen Kevelaers
25-Sep-2020ARM templates overviewMarco Obinu
28-Sep-2020Enterprise shared file services with Azure NetApp FilesKirk Ryan
29-Sep-2020Building and Hosting client-side apps by leveraging Blazor, Static Website in Azure Storage and Azure CDNHugo Barona
1-Oct-2020Azure Back-to-School Wrap-upDwayne Natwick
Categories: Cloud Tech, Tech, Training and Certification

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