New and Next steps in my cloud journey

Cloud computing concept.

It is mid-November 2021 and I have an announcement. I have chosen to take on a new challenge. As of today, I am no longer a direct employee of Opsgility. Monday, I will begin at Cloudreach as a Senior Product Manager owning their multi-cloud migration services.

I’m very excited to be reunited with a former colleague of mine that I worked with and for at a previous company on the product development team. In addition to Azure, I will be working with AWS and GCP, so it provides me with an opportunity to continue to learn as well as teach.

Prior to my move up Opsgility to be an Architect and Trainer, I had spent 5+ years as a Product Manager. It combines my ability to architect and develop scalable services with the enjoyment that I have in sharing my knowledge and making everyone successful. I expect nothing but success from myself and Cloudreach in my new role.

Though I’m excited about this opportunity, it is with a heavy heart because of my time and respect for Opsgility. I was given the opportunity to learn so much and lead an amazing team of architects, project managers, and CSMs. I hope to continue to assist them when I can with training, coaching, or content in the future. The direction that Opsgility is trending is amazing and they are currently looking for Microsoft Certified Trainers and MVPs to assist in virtual deliveries of MOC courses, partner certification sessions, hack and workshop coaching, conferences, and content creation. I will continue to assist them to maintain my MCT and provide great content to the learning community.

Interested in being a part of this growth at Opsgility, complete this form:

Opsgility is also looking for Trainers and moderators for some immediate Microsoft fundamentals event needs in December 2021:

More to come as I continue my journey and contributions to the community. I wish everyone the best of luck in yours.

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